Some Philosophers Had Very Strange Deaths

There are multiple, differing accounts of many philosophers' deaths. Some people say that Diogenes perished by holding his breath; others say he died after eating raw octopus, or from a dog bite that became infected. Chrysippus was said to have died from drinking sweet wine and experiencing extreme dizziness, or from laughing to death at his own joke. (After seeing a donkey eat his figs, he remarked, "Now give the ass a drink of pure wine to wash down the figs," and collapsed in a fit of guffaws.)

Key Facts In This Video

  1. Multiple philosophers are said to have died by holding their breaths. 00:53

  2. Francis Bacon died after stuffing a chicken full of snow to test whether it would refrigerate the flesh. 03:57

  3. Jeremy Bentham had his skeleton preserved, dressed, and put on display. 08:39

Written by Curiosity Staff July 28, 2015

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