Soft Robots Could Be Far More Useful Than Hard Ones

Soft robots are better equipped than their rigid counterparts to navigate unpredictable terrain. They can squeeze into tight spaces, change their gait on a dime, and withstand potentially damaging forces. (One soft robot created at Harvard is able to "survive" getting run over by a car!) These capabilities may make them especially useful in search and rescue fields, as well as medical ones.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. Soft robots are better equipped to deal with uncertain environments and potentially damaging elements than rigid ones. 00:14

  2. See how a soft robot arm modeled after an octopus tentacle behaves underwater: 02:06

  3. Flexible robots could allow surgeons to navigate and see inside a patient's body with greater precision. 03:41

Written by Curiosity Staff February 26, 2016

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