Sociopaths Have Huge Egos And Surface Charm

You'd think you'd be able to identify a sociopath in an instant, right? It's a little trickier than that. Many aspects of a sociopathic personality are tricks in themselves. For example, sociopaths put on a charming facade and knowingly play the victim to manipulate people's feelings. Think you've met a sociopath? Find out in the video below.

10 Ways To Detect Sociopaths

Write these down.

Inside The Mind Of A Sociopath

What do they think of themselves?

Psychopath vs. Sociopath

What's the difference?

Key Facts In This Video

  1. Psychopathy is a mostly biological developmental disorder that is associated with specific kinds of behavior. 00:33

  2. The brains of psychopaths light up in the pleasure regions when seeing someone else in pain. 01:25

  3. The brains of psychopaths release four times the amount of dopamine in response to drugs like amphetamine. 01:45

Written by Curiosity Staff October 20, 2016

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