Snorkeling: Exploring Life Below the Surface

"Swimming with the fishes" is not always a bad thing. In fact, the ocean's coral reefs (which house 25 percent of marine life, or more than 2 million underwater species) attract international travelers with their beauty. Yet the sprawling sea isn't the only place where humans and marine wildlife intersect. Divers regularly merge themselves into the dangerous, murky waters of lakes, lagoons and freshwater rivers to study (or tackle, depending on how close it is to meal time) gators, snakes and other underwater creatures.

Snorkeling and diving can lead you to discover a vibrant school of butterfly fish, or even a 1,200-pound freshwater stingray. In this playlist, you will learn to identify four-eyed fish, hear tales of serenading whales and bravely explore sunken mysteries of underwater graveyards.

Written by Curiosity Staff June 9, 2014

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