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"Smart" Bandages That Track And Treat Wounds

"Smart" Bandages That Track And Treat Wounds

Engineers are taking band-aids to the next level. MIT engineers are creating the bandage of the future. Though the original design of the Band-Aid hasn't changed much since its 1920 invention, the "smart" bandage is more like a long-lasting, high-efficiency human body electronic device than your traditional bandage. These bandages will be made from stretchable hydrogel, and will include technology that can monitor wounds, administer drugs, and even alert a doctor when more medicine is needed. The hydrogel mimics the feel and capabilities of human skin for a comfortable, long-term fit. Inserted in the bandage are LED lights attached to the sensors, that will light up when a wound reaches a concerning temperature. In the future, the engineers are hoping to create probes to actually go inside the brain and body.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. MIT engineers are creating "smart" bandages made of hydrogel, which mimic the mechanical and physiological properties of the human body. 00:19

  2. MIT engineers are creating a smart, hydrogel-based would dressing with sensors. 01:00

  3. MIT engineers are looking to create hydrogel-based implantable devices in the future. 01:33

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