Sled Dogs Are The Ultimate Marathon Runners

Sled Dogs Are The Ultimate Marathon Runners

There is no doubt that races like the Iditarod are grueling feats, but you may not fully realize just how able the furry competitors are. Sled dogs like Alaskan and Siberian huskies are made to run, and can handle long endurance races easier than you may believe. The dogs have an impressive VO2max number, which basically means the amount of oxygen their bodies can take in per kilogram of weight. In the sled dogs, the number is 230 mL per kg. For human marathon runners, that number is 85 mL per kg. In basic terms, this number represents the cardiorespiratory fitness level of the dog/human.


Key Facts In This Video

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    The majority of racing sled dogs are Siberian or Alaskan huskies. (2:40)

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    Humans use glycogen and oxygen to create energy, whereas sled dogs use fat and oxygen. (3:10)

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