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Skin Motion's Soundwave Tattoos Make The Ink On Your Skin Music To Your Ears

Tattoos and music have a lot of similarities, if you think about it. They can both represent something dear to your heart, be it a memory, a person, or a concept. In that way, Skin Motion makes a lot of sense. Its soundwave tattoos work with a smartphone app to play whatever audio clip you've chosen to immortalize.

Baci sings along to the playback of his howl from Juliana's soundwave tattoo.

What's Tat Noise?

The way Skin Motion works is pretty fascinating. First, you use the company's app to record or upload any audio clip of your choice, up to 60 seconds in length. Then you head to a Skin Motion certified tattoo artist, who tattoos the waveform of the audio onto your skin. You can then play back the tattoo by opening up the Skin Motion app and pointing your camera lens at the design. The app registers the wave visually as well, so you can watch a cool playback effect on top of hearing the audio itself.

Watch the Skin Motion app in action

Courtesy of Skin Motion

Soundwave Tattoos

Ink It Again, Sam

The company offers a handful of cool ideas for what you might want to put on your body. It could be the sound of your newborn baby, the voice of a lost loved one, a famous quote, a favorite song, or even a gag as an elaborate icebreaker. You can even do a compilation of sounds since you have a full minute of space.

Of course, tattoos are forever, but technology is always changing. What happens in 10 or 20 years? The company promises that their platform is "engineered with modular components" so that they can swap things out as tech moves forward. " preserving all our data," Skin Motion says on their website, "we will be able to deliver it through the most advanced distribution channels and interfaces as the technology advances." The hope is that even if we ditch smartphones in the coming decades, new apps can adapt to the devices we are using.

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Skin Motion's Soundwave Tattoos

Written by Mike Epifani May 26, 2017

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