Singing "My Way" In The Philippines Could Get You Murdered

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The "My Way Killings" are not perpetrated by a single murderer-it just seems that you're more likely to get murdered after singing the famous Frank Sinatra song. People have various explanations for this phenomenon. Some say that the braggadocio inherent to the song is what prompts rage from listeners, leading them to lash out in violence against the singer. Others think that the popularity of the song is to blame, seeing as fights in Filipino karaoke bars are common regardless of what's being sung. Whatever the cause, there have been at least six victims of "My Way"-related murders since 2000, and the trend has driven some bars to remove the song from their list of karaoke options.


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Key Facts In This Video

  1. "My Way" was written by Paul Anka in 1969, and the tune was actually taken from a French song that he had heard on vacation. 00:51

  2. In 2010, multiple people were murdered in the Philippines after singing "My Way" at karaoke bars. 02:17

  3. In 2014, a man stabbed his friend in the back after they had an argument over who would get to sing "My Way" at a karaoke bar. 04:11