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Should You Eat The Skin On Chicken And Seafood?

You've probably heard that chicken skin is full of fat, and perhaps that fish skin is where all the toxins are. Is that true, or is the skin okay to eat? Get the 411 on fish and chicken skin from a professional chef in the video below.

Can You Eat The Skin?

Get the definitive answer.

Can You Cut The Mold Off Of Food And Eat It?

Guilty as charged.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. Mold is microscopic fungi related to mushrooms. 00:25

  2. There are thousands of species of mold. 00:32

  3. Mold grows in thin, light thread-like structures known as hyphae. 01:37

How Much Can You Eat?

Find out what the human body is capable of.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. On average, you produce 2–4 pints (about half of a gallon) of saliva every day. 00:45

  2. A human stomach can hold approximately 3–4 liters of content. 02:52

  3. Pica is a disorder that causes someone to crave non-food items. 04:10

Written by Curiosity Staff November 1, 2016

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