Should We Grow Human Organs In Pigs?

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In the United States alone, 22 people die every day waiting for an organ transplant. There aren't enough donated organs to go around, so people wait forever to match with a donor. Well, there might be another answer—pigs. Scientists are currently engineering pigs whose organs may eventually transplant successfully to humans. They're also working on growing customized human organs inside pigs. Whoa. Watch the following video to hear the issues involved with pig organ transplants and the controversial practice of pig-grown human organs. Then, learn more about the future of transplants.

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Pigs, The Organ Donors Of The Future

Pig organs are roughly the same size as human organs, and we already kill half a billion of them every year for food...

Poop Transplants For Treating Infection

These transplants are referred to as fecal microbiota transplantations, or stool transplants.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. Ecosystems with many species tend to be more resilient than those with few species. 00:03

  2. A fecal transplant aims to replenish the gut microbiome with a variety of species and stave off an overabundance of C diff bacteria. 01:14

  3. Microbial transplants also have applications in agriculture and aquarium maintenance. 02:02

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