Should We Give Nature Half Of The Planet? E.O. Wilson Says Yes.

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E.O. Wilson, renowned biologist and author of "Half Earth: Our Planet's Fight For Life," has proposed setting aside half of the planet in the interest of conservation. He not only believes that this dream can be accomplished, but is optimistic about it, estimating that it could save between 80 and 90% of Earth's species. One thing is certain: without any drastic changes, we will see hundreds of more species go extinct, and fast. According to Wilson, about 15% of the Earth's surface and 3% of its oceans have been designated as protected zones, and humanity has an obligation to up those numbers.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. E.O. Wilson says that a lack of emphasis on the preservation of biodiversity is a "huge strategic mistake." 04:46

  2. Hear E.O. Wilson describe why he believes humanity is capable of setting aside half of the Earth in the interest of conservation: 24:54

  3. Hear E.O. Wilson's thoughts on allowing some species to die out so that we can better support the species more likely to thrive: 49:30

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