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Should We Be Using More Geothermal Energy?

Should We Be Using More Geothermal Energy?


Are there valid reasons to use geothermal energy? Imagine if whenever you felt a strong emotion churning deep inside you could harness those feelings into enough energy to power your home. That's what it would be like if the Earth were a person—they would use geothermal energy generating deep within its core to supply power to utilities all over the world in clean and efficient ways. Once derived from the Earth, geothermal power has the potential to transport electricity for a seemingly unlimited number of uses. Not only does this energy source burn clean, it can regulate both hot and cold temperatures and is the genius behind every natural hot spring that exists. With more than 24 countries relying on geothermal energy to supply electricity, 70 countries using it for heating and Iceland and the Philippines accounting for more than 30 percent of the world's usage—why does the U.S. barely touch it?

One reason could be the drastic limitation of geothermal power as a natural resource. Sure, once it has been generated and captured it can be used in any number of ways. However, the scarce availability and level of difficulty in extracting the energy from the Earth's core make it hard to be dependable on a widespread basis. But how would the world benefit if technology could help us harness this type of energy? How does it rank among other alternative energy sources, like sun and wind? This playlist will energize your curiosity for geothermal power as a renewable energy source—and what we could do with its unlimited power.

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