Sharks are Massive Marine Predators, But They Probably Won't Attack You

Your chances of falling victim to a shark attack are 1 in 3,700,700. To put that in perspective, your chances of catching the flu are 1 in 63. And for every human nabbed by a shark, people are killing about 2 million sharks in return. Yet despite the low probability that you'll be killed by these sleek fish, hundreds of people have fallen prey when their guard was down. Check out these videos for information on shark attacks, and how to avoid being a shark's next meal.

Are You Likely To Be Attacked By A Shark?

Better safe than sorry.

Tips For Fighting Back During A Shark Attack

Can you really punch it in the nose?

Your Survival Guide For A Shark Attack

In the worst case scenario....

How A Teen Survived A Shark Attack

It can be done!

Written by Curiosity Staff August 7, 2014

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