See Where Largest Earthquakes Have Struck For The Past 100 Years

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Doesn't it seem like earthquakes have been getting more powerful lately? Or that one massive earthquake is usually followed by another? When you zoom out and take a look at earthquakes over time in the video below, these so-called phenomena seem to evaporate. Take a look for yourself.

The Largest Earthquakes Of The Past 100 Years

From 1900 beyond the year 2000, see where every magnitude 8+ earthquake has hit.

What Causes Earthquakes?

A primer on plate tectonics.

Big Earthquakes Don't Trigger Other Large Ones

You may have noticed in the 100-year video that large earthquakes don't generally happen in clusters. Here's why.

How Humans Are Causing Earthquakes

Not every earthquake is caused by natural phenomena.

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Written by Curiosity Staff October 11, 2016

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