Searching For The Yeti Isn't A Complete Waste Of Time

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Have you heard of the Yeti, Abominable Snowman, or perhaps the infamous Bigfoot? These mythical creatures belong to a type of pseudoscience called cryptozoology, which studies so-called cryptids (like the Yeti) using folklore, anecdotal evidence, and alleged sightings. Before you dismiss this as bunch of hogwash, you should watch the video below to find out how real scientists have gotten in the cryptozoology game.

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Searching For The Yeti Isn't A Complete Waste Of Time

Actual DNA evidence from pseudoscientific efforts has yielded some great accidental discoveries!

Could Bigfoot Really Exist?

Let's examine the evidence (or lack thereof) of Bigfoot, one of the most famous cryptids.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. The okapi, giant panda, komodo dragon, and mountain gorilla were all discovered with the help of folklore. 01:38

  2. See a stabilized version of the most famous Bigfoot film: 02:56

  3. Karl Popper said that if a claim can't be proven false, it's not science but pseudoscience. 05:43

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