The Aquarius Reef Base: Home, Sweet, Watery Home

The Aquarius Reef Base is located at Conch Reef in the Florida Keys, and sits about 19 meters (63 feet) underwater. Scientists can live on the base, which is the only underwater marine lab in the world, for days to weeks at a time. While at Aquarius Reef Base, scientists can dive for up to nine hours a day, studying the surrounding marine life and general health of the ocean. Liz Bentley Magee, an aquanaut studying global climate change and how it can affect a coral reef, told PBS that in two weeks at the base, she and her colleagues accomplished what would have taken two years if she was living above water. The base is also used to train astronauts for upcoming missions.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. Aquarius Reef Base is located 19 meters (63 feet) underwater, and houses up to six people at a time. 00:31

  2. Aquanauts living on the Aquarius Reef Base can go on dives for up to nine hours. 01:24

  3. Meet Sylvia, a meter-long goliath grouper that hangs around the Aquarius Reef Base: 02:44

Written by Curiosity Staff July 17, 2015

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