Scary Mythological Creatures From Around The World

Plenty of kids are scared of the Boogeyman coming out at night. Well, if they knew about these other mythological monsters from around the world, maybe they'd consider themselves lucky for only having this guy to worry about. For instance, kids (and adults!) outside of Japan probably haven't heard of the nightmare-fuel known as the jikininki. These beasts are the spirits of greedy people who have been cursed after death to hunt down and eat human corpses. The strigoi might sound a bit more familiar: this Romanian creature is the spirit of someone who has led a troubled life—and is now basically a vampire.

Congratulations if you're still reading this, because it's about to get even scarier.

Meet the Black Annis. She is a blue-skinned, evil witch that is the English folklore equivalent of the Boogeyman. She likes eating lambs and children. But that's not all! When the Black Annis finds a child, she skins it and wears it around her waist. Last but definitely not least is Koschei the deathless. This Slavic figure is a classic kidnapping, sadistic villain. And he cannot die. Get more details about these and other horrifying creatures in the video below.

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Written by Curiosity Staff October 18, 2016

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