Robots Are Coming To Take Our Jobs—Even Doctors'

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Not long ago, human employees manned every belt at the grocery store check-out. Now, one human often supervises dozens of humanless self-checkout stations. This is just the beginning. We're at a critical turning point in the workforce where the robots are outpacing humans in learning tasks and solving problems. And not just the low-skill jobs are the ones able to be replaced by bots. For example, 23% of the work done by doctors can be automated, and almost half (47%) of the work done by pharmacists can be automated. The key, according to some analysts, is to build competence in creativity and emotional skills, things very difficult for robots to master.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. The general purpose robot named Baxter is smart enough to take over many low-skill human jobs. 02:17

  2. Human drivers kill 40,000 people every year with cars in the United States alone. 05:18

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