Robots Are Coming To Take Our Jobs—Even Doctors'

Not long ago, human employees manned every belt at the grocery store check-out. Now, one human often supervises dozens of humanless self-checkout stations. This is just the beginning. We're at a critical turning point in the workforce where the robots are outpacing humans in learning tasks and solving problems. And not just the low-skill jobs are the ones able to be replaced by bots. For example, 23% of the work done by doctors can be automated, and almost half (47%) of the work done by pharmacists can be automated. The key, according to some analysts, is to build competence in creativity and emotional skills, things very difficult for robots to master.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. The general purpose robot named Baxter is smart enough to take over many low-skill human jobs. 02:17

  2. Human drivers kill 40,000 people every year with cars in the United States alone. 05:18

Written by Curiosity Staff April 8, 2016

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