Robert Johnson (Allegedly) Sold His Soul To The Devil

Legendary blues musician Robert Johnson is best known for two things—first, his unparalleled influence on blues music, and second, his supposed deal with the devil. The story goes like this. As a kid, Johnson long desired musical skill, and one day he disappeared from his Mississippi hometown. When he returned, he had mastered the guitar thanks to a deal he struck with the devil at midnight. Today you can actually visit the crossroads where the whole thing went down, but there's just one thing. In the year that he was gone, when he was supposedly off selling his soul, he was also puttering around Arkansas, honing his craft and playing whatever gigs he could. Call us cynical, but his talent sounds a bit more "hard work and practice" than "unholy Faustian bargain." Probably good news for Robert, though!

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The Many Myths Behind Robert Johnson

A Violinist And The Devil

Written by Curiosity Staff May 5, 2017

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