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Ripple Is The Shoulder Accessory Designed To Help You Flirt

Feel awkward flirting? Scared of rejection? Too shy? Sigh, if only you had sea anemones for shoulders. Hold that thought...

"Did Those Shoulder Pads Just Wink At Me?"

If your love life is at a standstill and you're not afraid of bold fashion choices, Ripple may be just the thing for you. Four designers at Imperial College London and The Royal College of Art developed a sensory wearable designed to nudge you to flirt. Or, as the website puts it, it's an accessory "that encourages the experience of courtship in daily life."

Here's how it's supposed to work: The wiggly tentacles sit perched on a wire cage piggybacking on the wearer. Once an interested party sends their gaze your way, Ripple will send a little buzz up your spine. If you want to turn around to determine who is checking you out, Ripple will give you a tap on the chest when you're facing the target. It's your guess whether that person is gazing longingly at your beauty or just staring at those goofy things protruding from your body.

Anti-Tinder Propaganda

The intended purpose of this device is to get our heads back in the game and to be physically present in the day-to-day. Sorry, Tinder-ers, that means taking dating off the screen and back onto the scene. As stated by the project's site, "Our increased uptake of digital technology has led us to be more immersed in a virtual world. We are less present in real life, making it harder for us to communicate with others face to face. Although we are constantly surrounded by people, we behave as if we are on our own. We believe that our eyes always communicate, longing to connect with others. Ripple enhances this channel, and expands our awareness of what is happening around us." Hey, who's to say the future of dating won't look like haute couture Doctor Octopus?

The Ripple: A Wearable Gadget To Find a Date

Digital Dating As Fast As Possible

Written by Joanie Faletto July 22, 2017

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