Richard Branson's Secret to Productivity and Success Is Simple: Work Out

Richard Branson, the thrill-seeking, tie-hating, life-loving entrepreneur and starter of more than 400 companies, has a net worth that exceeds $5 billion. Um, we'll have what he's having, please? Though it seems like some dark magic must be at play here, Branson has a very simple explanation for his otherworldly success and productivity. Dude works out.

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The Secret's in the Sweat

In Tim Ferris' book "The Four Hour Body," he writes of an occasion on Branson's private island where a group of people brainstormed how to grow Branson's Virgin Unite project. Someone asked the Virgin mogul, "How do you become more productive?" Branson gave an answer summed up in two words: work out. The entrepreneur claimed he can accomplish twice as much in a day by keeping fit. His words, not ours. But with a track record like Branson's, he must be onto something, right?

If you want to take another page out of Branson's book, wake up early and take your workout routine to the next level. In a blog post, Branson writes that he kite surfs every day that he's on his Necker Island. "It's great exercise, recreation, relaxation, and stress management," he wrote. "I 100 percent recommend it to anyone with access to the water. After all, life is a lot more fun if you can make time for sport." He also enjoys cycling, playing tennis, and swimming.

Beach Bod, Better Brain

While we wouldn't blame you for blindly running (pun intended) with Branson's workout tip, we wouldn't tout it if it wasn't also backed by science. Sure, duh, "working out is good for you" isn't an earth-shattering headline by any stretch. But incorporating exercise into your routine can yield results that benefit your professional life, not just your beach bod.

Seriously, take a look at this 2011 study that found a correlation between going to the gym and a higher salary. Numerous studies have shown that regular exercise can improve memory and thinking skills, mental sharpness, and other generally wonderful brain things. But you already knew all that, right? Time to make like Richard Branson and get to sweatin'.

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Written by Joanie Faletto August 31, 2017

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