Remembering General George Washington

George Washington is often revered most as the first president of the United States, taking office April 30, 1789. Yet Washington was much more than a sitting executive, he was a fierce countryman, dedicated military leader, strategist, husband and more. Washington organized the convention that eventually gave life to the Constitution, was the Commander-and-Chief of the Continental Army, and after death was recognized as the official General of the Armies, the highest rank a U.S. president has ever held in the military. In fact, even after his term as president had ended, Washington returned to the battle field where his military skills were commissioned by his predecessor, President John Adams.

Yet, like most people, Washington was complex in his own personal and political ways. He was invested in the plantation business (although commercially relatively unsuccessful) and failed to make an end to slavery. He was a man of great lore, including his infamous teeth and cherry tree story. Check out this playlist to learn more about the amazing, yet mysterious life of George Washington.

Written by Curiosity Staff February 20, 2015

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