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ReGen Villages Are Off-Grid Settlements That Are Totally Self-Reliant

ReGen Villages Are Off-Grid Settlements That Are Totally Self-Reliant

ReGen Villages have been called "the Tesla of eco-villages." These new neighborhoods are closed-loop settlements that will produce their own food, generate their own power, and manage their own waste. The first ReGen Village is set to be completed by the summer of 2017 in Almere, a suburb outside of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. To grow food, these communities will utilize a combination of aeroponics, aquaponics, permaculture, food forests, and high-yield organic farming, which will result in much more food -- using far fewer resources -- than a traditional farm of the same size. ReGen Villages use a combination of geothermal, solar, solar thermal, wind, and biomass to generate their own energy. Compostable waste in the community will feed livestock or soldier flies, and a biogas plant will turn non-compostable household waste into power and water. James Ehrlich, CEO of ReGen Villages, told Fast Company that he anticipates "literally tons of abundant organic food every year."

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