Real-Life Jackalopes

Dr. Richard E. Shope discovered the Shope papilloma virus in the 1930s. Around the same time in Wyoming, a man named Douglas Herrick started selling mounted "jackalope" heads to the public. But these heads were hoaxes, made by attaching antlers to taxidermied rabbits. Today, the town of Douglas, Wyoming still playfully issues jackalope hunting licenses.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. The colossal squid is even bigger than the giant squid, and has sharp hooks on its tentacles. 02:18

  2. The thorny dragon is covered with conical spines. It has a false head on the back of its neck that is meant to fool predators. 06:11

  3. Pyura chilensis resembles a rock, but is actually a tunicate that some people consider an edible delicacy. 08:16

Written by Curiosity Staff June 1, 2015

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