Read These Facts About Kissing Before You Pucker Up

A popular theory behind the act of kissing is that it originated from kiss-feeding, or the transfer of pre-chewed food from one mouth to another. Early human mothers probably kiss-fed their infants, and many animals do so today. Kissing may have also conveyed information about the health and compatibility of potential mates. Humans aren't the only species that kisses: bonobos, our close primate cousins, do it too! Other creatures, including dogs, elephants, and even snails, perform behaviors similar to kissing that can increase bonding between individuals.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. Kissing may have begun as kiss-feeding, the exchange of pre-chewed food from one mouth to another. 01:47

  2. Research suggests that the white scleras in human eyes make it easier for us to ascertain the direction of someone else's gaze. 04:51

  3. The polarity principle states that stress, including the stress of uncertainty, is an ingredient in attachment or love. 10:20

Written by Curiosity Staff April 22, 2016

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