Read These Facts About Kissing Before You Pucker Up

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A popular theory behind the act of kissing is that it originated from kiss-feeding, or the transfer of pre-chewed food from one mouth to another. Early human mothers probably kiss-fed their infants, and many animals do so today. Kissing may have also conveyed information about the health and compatibility of potential mates. Humans aren't the only species that kisses: bonobos, our close primate cousins, do it too! Other creatures, including dogs, elephants, and even snails, perform behaviors similar to kissing that can increase bonding between individuals.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. Kissing may have begun as kiss-feeding, the exchange of pre-chewed food from one mouth to another. 01:47

  2. Research suggests that the white scleras in human eyes make it easier for us to ascertain the direction of someone else's gaze. 04:51

  3. The polarity principle states that stress, including the stress of uncertainty, is an ingredient in attachment or love. 10:20

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