Quarks Come In Six Flavors

Quarks are the fundamental particles that make up baryons, including protons and neutrons. They are always grouped into clusters of two or three (so far), and differ from one another in terms of mass and charge. Science has not yet figured out how to observe an isolated quark. The force between them, called the color force, does not allow them to separate, forcing researchers to use particle accelerators in order to gather evidence of their existence.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. Quarks are fundamental particles, which means that they do not have a substructure and cannot be split. 00:31

  2. When evidence of quarks was first discovered, it pointed to two types of quarks: the up quark and down quark. 01:12

  3. Learn how all six quarks got their names: 02:35

Written by Curiosity Staff December 30, 2015

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