Progressive Inventions by NASA

NASA may be a driving force behind space exploration, but it's also been behind many of the world's top inventions. It's true: the space agency is responsible for much more than the landing astronauts on the moon. Did you know they have more than 6,300 patents with the U.S. government? Not only do NASA scientists spend their time looking to the stars for answers, they're consistently embedded in laboratories inventing new technologies by asking questions. The scratch-resistant lens in your glasses, water filter on your faucet and fire-fighting equipment used to save your life all exist courtesy of experimentation at NASA. The same inventors who brought you mattress foam in the 1970s also invented a new texture-detecting Mars rover in 2013 (and played golf on the moon in 1969).

NASA has not only progressively pushed the boundaries of science and space exploration, they have contributed countless inventions we know and use in everyday life to the world. From prosthetic limbs to personal flying machines, NASA's limitless imaginations knows no bounds. With this playlist, your doesn't have to either.

Written by Curiosity Staff June 11, 2014

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