Programming Languages Are The Languages Of The Future

The benefits of multilingualism are well documented, and include everything from increased global mobility to tangible improvements to the brain. The thing is, as important as it is to be able to talk human beings from all different origins and backgrounds, talking to computers can be just as important for professional and personal development. As it turns out, when computer programmers read code, the language parts of their brain light up, and that suggests that at least some of the neurological benefits of learning a new language could apply to coding languages as well.

Fortunately, it's pretty easy to get into coding, even if you have zero experience. Curiosity's new online shop features a ton of digital and tangible products designed to satisfy the hungry brain. For a limited time, we're offering a Pay What You Want Learn-To-Code bundle where anyone can study languages such as Python, Ruby, and JavaScript for whatever amount they feel comfortable paying. It might be worth it to invest, though—beat the average price most are willing to pay, and you'll get access to every single one of the online courses. Check out the videos below for more on how learning to code can help your brain.

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Written by Curiosity Staff May 16, 2017

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