Pro StarCraft Players Have To Be Astoundingly Fast

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Actions per minute, or apm, is an important measure of StarCraft prowess. Competitive players control their armies with upwards of 300 actions per minute during intense parts of the game. These actions can be anything from moving troops to producing resources, and require extreme coordination of mouse and keyboard usage. To warm up for the most action-heavy intervals, professional players will often perform useless or unnecessary actions during slower game segments, getting their wrists and fingers ready for more complex combat. This practice is called "spamming." It's also worth noting that, while a high apm score is necessary to be a high-ranking gamer, it doesn't say anything about the player's ability to strategize.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. APM stands for "actions per minute," and measures the speed at which a player can execute actions or commands in a game. 00:30

  2. Players who want to compete in certain real-time strategy games train hard to increase their APM, sometimes supporting their wrists with sandbags. 01:00

  3. Watch gamers with high APM ratings play: 01:39

Written by Curiosity Staff March 14, 2016
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