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Prinker Allows You to Print Temporary Tattoos on Your Body

With design, smartphone, and 3D printing technologies on the rise, it seems it was only a matter of time before someone combined them for the purpose of temporary tattoos. With the invention of Prinker, (don't call it a "printer"), Seoul, Korea's SketchOn beat everyone to the punch in creating a portable device that can quickly print images onto human skin.

Get The Tattoo You Always Wanted, But Never Wanted Forever

Using the Prinker app, users can choose between downloading a pre-designed image using the Gallery function, or can design their own using the Sketcher function. From there, the image is sent to the proprietary printer that can "rub" the design on the skin in full color in as little as three seconds. Prinker uses a special cosmetic ink made of FDA-approved ingredients. Each tattoo can last from one to three days, and is water-resistant but can be easily removed with soap.

Each cartridge contains enough ink for about 1,500 tattoos, or as J.R. Smith would call it, "a good start."

It's all Business for Now

The current version of Prinker is aimed towards business users (think festivals, carnivals, sports events, promotion campaigns). But the company is working on a home version, and hopes to have it available for to buy before the end of 2017. SketchOn estimates the personal model will retail at $200. The company is currently looking to partner with international agencies for distribution opportunities.

Although Prinker is currently aimed towards novelty and creative purposes, its technologies could eventually be adapted for use by professional tattoo artists or medical professionals who provide tattoos for patients, such as after a breast cancer operation or skin graft.

In the promo video below, Prinker suggests using a temporary tattoo to propose marriage. So, uh, good luck with that.

Prinker Promo Video

Written by Jamie Ludwig July 25, 2017

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