Prince Could Release New Music For Another Century

Are you a Prince fan? If so, you're probably still mourning the loss of one of pop music's greatest legends. But the man responsible for bringing us such classics as "Kiss" and "Purple Rain" had a big secret hiding in a basement vault within his Paisley Park compound, just outside Minneapolis.

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Thousands Of Songs Hide In Prince's Vault

No, this isn't where Prince stored a frozen clone of himself (one can wish). It is, however, where he stored thousands of unreleased songs. His vault holds enough music to release an album a year for the next 100 years. Whoa. Brent Fischer, a musician who composed string arrangements for Prince, told BBC that more than 70 percent of the music he worked on with Prince is yet to be released. While a few of these songs already leaked prior to the artist's death, such as "Moonbeam Levels" (once covered by Elvis Costello), the other tracks were kept a secret by Prince. As he told the Rolling Stones in a lost 2014 interview, "I've never said this before, but I didn't always give the record companies the best song." According to the BBC, Prince was the only person who held the code to open his safe. When he died in April 2016, the company responsible for his estate had to drill it open.

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Why did Prince keep so much of his work a secret? Only Prince knows the answer for sure, but those close to the artist have made some speculations. His former employees say he spent most of his waking hours recording, and he'd simply get bored of his work. When Paisley Park engineer Ian Boxill would look through Prince's tapes, the artist seemed unfazed. Boxill tells Rolling Stone: "For him, it was like going through old filing cabinets."

New Tracks Await Your Eager Ears

Prince passed away without leaving a will. So even though we're still unsure who owns the rights to the contents of his vault, Warner Bros. announced in October 2016 that they would be releasing music from his collection. The first 40-song album, Prince4Ever, went on sale November 22, 2016 with the previously unreleased track "Moonbeam Levels." According to People, "A deluxe, remastered edition of Purple Rain, featuring a second disc of previously unreleased material" will debut in 2017. In addition to listening to his new music, the public can now tour his former recording complex, Paisley Park. R.I.P., Prince, and thank you for leaving your fans with such a treasure chest of musical genius.

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The Mystery Of Prince's Secret Vault At Paisley Park

Learn about the mysterious vault in this special filmed a year before the musician's death.

Written by Curiosity Staff January 12, 2017

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