Playing With The Paranormal

Playing With The Paranormal

Hobbies that involve invoking a sense of the spiritual or paranormal are controversial pastimes in most parts of the world. People who partake in activities like spell-casting, ouija boards, ghost hunting and even palm reading represent a spectrum of enthusiasts, lifelong hobbyists and the deeply religious. For example, people who engage in the nature and energy-centered Wicca religion are called "witches" and turn to spells as a way of warding off negative or evil energy. But is there any actual evidence for spiritual activity found when attempting to communicate with those on the "other side"? Are practices like telepathy and professions like psychic mediums real, or is it psychological?

Research shows that much of what we believe to be paranormal is all in our heads. When people want to believe something they often interpret easily explained events as signs that confirm their original bias. Still, millions of people unconvinced by scientific evidence continue to believe, practice and dedicate research into the paranormal. Is there a way we can ever really know the truth? Check out these videos to find out.

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