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Pets Can Have Human Allergies

Though the condition is rare, both dogs and cats can have allergic reactions to human dander, which consists of cells shed from our hair. If a cat is allergic to your dander, you might see scabs or bald patches around its head and neck. Vets can treat these allergies with shots or oral medication. (And yes, cats and dogs can be allergic to each other, too.)

Key Facts In This Video

  1. In 1894, Thomas Edison made a video of two cats "fighting" in a tiny boxing ring. 01:24

  2. About 1 in 200 cats are allergic to humans. 06:01

  3. Cats appear to be more likely to survive falls from five stories or more than from just a few stories. 07:45

Written by Curiosity Staff September 9, 2015

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