Persistence Hunters Outrun And Outlast Their Prey

Persistence Hunters Outrun And Outlast Their Prey

Persistence hunting typically took place during the hottest part of the day. Because humans sweat to regulate their body heat, they can outlast most animals in long-distance runs, which cause even the fastest of creatures to overheat. There are reports of several peoples engaging in persistence hunting to chase down prey such as antelope, zebras, deer, and kangaroos. However, only the San people of the Kalahari desert have been seen to use persistence hunting in the past few decades.


Key Facts In This Video

  • 1

    Some believe that persistence hunting is an ancient technique that helped humans evolve into strong endurance runners. (0:09)

  • 2

    Humans sweat much more than other animals, enabling them to run in the heat for longer. (3:15)

  • 3

    At the end of a persistence hunt, an animal is subdued by exhaustion and heat stress. (5:23)

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