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People In "Blue Zones" Live Longer Than Everyone Else

Beginning his explorations in 2012, writer Dan Buettner identified these Blue Zones as "demographically confirmed, geographically defined, area where people are either reaching age 100 at extraordinary rates, have the highest life expectancy, or the lowest rate of middle age mortality." The statistics on each Blue Zone are mind-boggling. For example, the people on the Greek island of Ikaria experience almost no dementia while living longer than the typical American, and residents of Sardinia have an incredible percentage of male centenarians. In applying the diet and lifestyle guidelines of these Blue Zones to American cities, Buettner has seen positive changes in health and happiness.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. After a 10-year project with National Geographic, Dan Buettner and his team identified five Blue Zones on Earth where people live the longest. 00:00

  2. The 7th Day Adventists of Loma Linda, California live up to a decade longer than the average American. 01:40

  3. Beans are a commonality in the diets of people who live the longest around the world. 02:38

Written by Curiosity Staff January 25, 2016

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