People Are Cards In The Juice And Alcohol Logic Puzzle

The card-flipping alcohol and juice logic puzzle is deceptively easy. It's easier to solve once you apply it to a real-life scenario.

Here's The Problem

There are four cards laid out in front of you. One shows 41, one shows 16, one shows juice, and the last one shows vodka. Each card represents a person at a party. For each card, one side has their age and the other side shows what they are drinking. No one under 18 should be drinking alcohol—but one person breaks this rule. Which card or cards are necessary to turn over to find the person that breaks the rule? Watch the video below for the answer, or scroll down to read the answer. Good luck!

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Can You Solve The Juice And Alcohol Riddle?

It's the second riddle in this video.

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Here's The Answer

You need to flip over the card showing the vodka and the card displaying 16. Watch the video above to learn how to solve this.

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Written by Curiosity Staff November 22, 2016