Pemmican Is The Snack Of Choice For Survivalists

Today's survivalists take pemmican into the wilderness with them because it packs a punch in terms of calories and energy. But pemmican is way older than the concept of living "off the grid." In fact, it's older than the grid! It was developed by the indigenous peoples of North America, then later became popular among explorers and traders from Europe. It's made from a mix of crushed or powdered dried meat, rendered animal fat, and in some cases, dried fruit. Because it can last for years and sustain a full-grown adult with just a small serving, it remains a staple of a survivalist diet.

We've collected some great videos on this topic. Watch them now to learn more.

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How Pemmican Might Just Save Your Life

Nicole, an up-coming participant on HISTORY's TV series "ALONE," explains why she chose to bring pemmican into the wilderness.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. Folding saws can allow survivalists to cut down branches that are high up in the trees. 00:35

  2. A gill net hangs in a body of water and ensnares passing fish. 01:06

  3. Pemmican is a mixture of fat, dried meat, and (sometimes) fruit that serves as a calorie-dense snack option for survivalists. 01:47

Pemmican: The Ultimate Survival Food

What's in this survival staple?

Can You Survive Without Food And Water?

How long would the average human last?

Written by Curiosity Staff April 14, 2016

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