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Pedra Que Engole in Brazil Appears to Swallow Swimming Tourists Whole

Thrill seekers, we've found your holy grail. Pedra Que Engole, which roughly translates to "Swallow Rock," is a sort of natural waterslide that looks more like the unrelenting, hungry jaws of Poseidon dragging you down to a watery grave. If you think that sounds fun, wait until you see it.

Life Is Much Better Down Where It's Wetter

Pedra Que Engole is located in a village called Trindade which sits in the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro. The ominously named site is nothing more than a rock formation and a small waterfall. But how the thing is arranged makes it seem like a deathtrap. Spoiler alert: It's not. Quite the contrary, actually — tourists around the world have plunged into it for a slightly adrenaline-inducing slide.

The rocks at Pedra Que Engole give way to a small opening that leads to a dark cave large enough for only a handful of people. This cozy cave is connected on the opposite side to a small creek. Nothing death-defying here. The scary part is that the narrow passageway into the cave is covered by a veil of flowing water, making it look like anyone entering the cave is headed to sleep with the fishes, if you catch our drift. If that were the case, this travel destination probably wouldn't be rated 4.5/5 on TripAdvisor, but who's to say?

Look Before You Leap

As mentioned above, Pedra Que Engole is perfectly safe (allegedly — don't hold us to that). But that doesn't mean all watery sinkholes are nothing but mere optical illusions. Not to scare you, but take Jacob's Well in Texas, for example. It's a never-ending black hole of water that has lured several divers to their deaths. Or the Devil's Kettle in Minnesota. Not unlike Pedra Que Engole, the water here appears to disappear forever. The difference, though, is that no one knows where (or if) the water from the Devil's Kettle spits back out. There's Oregon's Disappearing Lake, too, which, if you're not careful, will suck you down into a dang lava tube. So, yeah, swim with caution.

Gorgeous Waterfall Leads to Underwater Cave in Brazil

Written by Joanie Faletto October 10, 2017

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