Parrots Name Their Chicks Just Like We Name Babies

Parrots Name Their Chicks Just Like We Name Babies

The peeps of parrots may be much more specific than they sound to us. Do parrots name their chicks just like we name our babies? It sure seems like it. Research suggest that parrot parents likely give unique names to their chicks that will stick with the young birds for life. Not only that, scientists have observed that the parrots identify themselves to others using what scientists have deemed "signature contact calls." Parrots have also been observed learning the names associated with their parents, brothers, and sisters and using the unique calls in conversations with other parrots. Scientists have found that dolphins also give each other specific clicks and whistles. What's unique about parrots, however, is the fact that they can use the names of other parrots, not just themselves or the parrot they're communicating with. We've collected some awesome videos on this topic. Watch them now to learn more.

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