October 11th Is International Day Of The Girl

In 2012, The United Nations deemed October 11th the International Day Of The Girl. The day was created for two reasons: to honor girls around the world, and to raise awareness of issues that affect them. You can look at every aspect of a young girl's life and recognize that a lot of work needs to be done. For example, girls around the world do not have adequate access to healthcare and education, and the prevalence of gender-based violence and child marriages is high. The hope is that International Day of The Girl will inspire action on these issues. Learn what needs to be done to help girls—and in turn, the world—succeed in the videos below.

Why Celebrate International Day Of The Girl?

The UN-created holiday is important to the world's progress.

International Day Of The Girl Brings Light To Important Issues

One girl under 15 gets married every seven seconds.

Child Brides: Why Does It Still Happen?

It's an unfortunate reality.

Written by Curiosity Staff October 11, 2016

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