Nike Was A Goddess Before It Was A Sports Brand

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These days, the word Nike is synonymous with the athletic brand, but the name originally comes from the Greek goddess of victory. She was said to fly across battlefields and bestow wreaths of laurel leaves upon those who triumphed. But when the brand was first founded in 1964, it was actually called Blue Ribbon Sports. The company adopted the name Nike in 1971, after making the move from distributing Japanese running shoes to manufacturing their own products. We've collected some awesome videos on this topic. Watch them now to learn more.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. When it was founded in 1964, Nike was named Blue Ribbon Sports. 00:05

  2. "Just do it" became Nike's slogan in 1988. 00:56

  3. Nike's 2002 commercial that aired during the Winter Olympics won the company an Emmy. 01:58

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