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New Meditation App Helps Busy People Find Calm

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Studies have shown that regular meditation has serious long-term benefits. From improving concentration to reducing stress and anxiety, the benefits seem well worth the time commitment. Yet, getting started can be difficult and even the most zen of us could use some guidance.

That's why so many people are turning to Aura Premium, a new app that takes an AI-powered personalized approach to meditation.

The Aura App

Download and Chill

One of the goals of meditation is to harmonize the body and the mind, and Aura does this by delivering science-backed mindfulness meditation exercises every day. With commitment and daily practice, you'll see your anxiety start to decrease and your focus start to improve.

Meditation changes your brain chemicals, including GABA, which is responsible for relaxed feelings. You may even notice improvements in your immune system, as the decreased stress helps normalize and balance your hormone levels and nervous system. Aura allows you to track your mood patterns and visually analyze your progress over time. Unlike competitor apps, Aura provides a range of meditation length options depending on your schedule and suggests different meditations depending on your past behavior.

You could change your life for the better with regular meditation, and it will be a whole lot easier with some help from the experts. A lifetime subscription to Aura Premium is yours for only $59.99—84% off the regular price.

Written by Curiosity Staff July 20, 2017

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