Nazis And Spies During World War II

Joan Pujol Garcia received the highest honor of service for his work as a spy in World War II. The honor was bestowed upon him by the Allied forces, as well as the Nazis. Garcia had the unique position of being a double agent spy for both sides in the war. The Spanish double agent was initially denied by the Allies when he approached them to work as a spy, so instead he created a fake identity and went to the Nazis. As a Nazi spy he operated under codename "Arabel" and delivered false information, true but nonessential information, and true critical information that arrived purposely just a little too late. The Allies eventually accepted Garcia as an agent, and he operated for the British under codename "Garbo." He received the Iron Cross by the Germans and the Most Excellent Order by the British Empire.

Written by Curiosity Staff February 4, 2016

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