Museo Atlantico, An Underwater Museum, Highlights Global Issues

Sitting on the ocean floor in the Atlantic is something unexpected: Museo Atlantico, Europe's first underwater museum. British artist Jason deCaires Taylor created nearly 400 cement sculptures and dropped them into the museum's underwater space in February 2016. But the underwater aspect was not meant to be the most notable aspect of the museum; Museo Atlantico sends a powerful message.

Taylor, who has created similar installations in Mexico and the Bahamas, aimed to spark controversy with Museo Atlantico. The underwater statues reference social issues that impact the worldwide community, including the growing concern over climate change. One of the statues depicts a raft of refugees fleeing to a new home. The museum is eco-friendly, too. All of the sculptures are also artificial reefs. As of February 2016, the museum is accessible for snorkelers and divers to view. Watch the video below to see the museum.

Welcome To Museo Atlantico

Would you scuba dive to see this museum?

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Written by Curiosity Staff August 11, 2016

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