Movie Trailers Got Their Name Because They Once "Trailed" Movies

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A good movie trailer can get you amped for a film months before it's released. But since the trailers are essentially just advertisements, why aren't they called ads, or commercials? When movie trailers first appeared, they were played directly following the end of a movie. In other words, they "trailed" the film. Get all the history in the video below.

Why Are Movie Advertisement Clips Called Trailers?

The first movie trailer appeared in 1913.

10 Famous Movie Misquotes

No, it's not "Beam me up, Scotty!"

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How Your Favorite Movie Affects Your Brain

Movie producers know how to play with your emotions in the right ways.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. Researchers found that movies are scariest when the audience knows something bad is about to happen to a character who isn't aware. 00:54

  2. Eye movements and blinks have a tendency to sync up in groups of people watching the same movie. 01:17

  3. Tense moments in films will have your brain's cortex 70% synchronized with everyone else's. 02:30

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