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Most Misunderstood Neurological Conditions

Kurt Vonnegut once described the human brain as "the crowning glory of evolution," and the fact that no one has ever taken issue with him is testament to just how remarkable the brain is. It's not that our brains are huge—they only weigh in at around 3 pounds (1.36kg) —it's more about the 100 billion neurons that are packed into it. These complex signaling units are responsible for receiving messages, making sense of them, and controlling how our body acts in response to them.

The brain is so central to everything that we are that it can be a real problem when it goes wrong. Symptoms of neurological conditions can be frustrating and bewildering, affecting everything from the most basic of human functions to the most involved of human thought. The brain is so complex that we are still learning how it works, and how best to treat these often misunderstood conditions.

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