Most Memorable TV Moments

In this day and age, television is a part of daily life. It entertains, amuses, and informs us, shaping minds and cultures around the globe. Since its earliest incarnations, audiences have been captivated by dramatic scenes, both real and fictional, broadcast straight into their homes.

From the earliest, grainiest, black and white sets, to cutting edge modern flat screens, TV has been bringing us incredible scenes from world sport, politics, and entertainment. These are scenes that move us, inspire us, and that capture real change in the world around us. TV's most memorable events differ massively from person to person—one man's Thrilla in Manila is another man's fall of the Berlin Wall—but for those of us lucky enough to witness one of these momentous pieces of broadcasting, they'll stick with us for many, many years yet.

Written by Curiosity Staff September 9, 2014

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