More M&Ms Than You'll Probably Ever Eat Are Stamped Every Hour

About 2.5 million M&M's are stamped with their famous "M" every hour. If you ate one M&M every second, it would take you a month to eat that many!

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As you can probably imagine, the number of M&M's made in factories every day is pretty massive. (Two billion every eight hours!) And on each individual iconic bit of chocolate candy is a famous feature: the white M. But how do they print a single M on every delicate piece of candy? First of all, they don't. Plenty of pieces fall through the cracks and miss getting stamped because they are slightly misshapen. The ones that do get stamped go through a process called offset printing. As Mental Floss explains, "Blank M&M's sit on a special conveyor belt that has a dimple for each candy to sit in, and roll through a machine where vegetable dye is transferred from a press to a rubber etch roller that gently prints the M on each piece."

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But Don't Eat Too Many...

It's easy for health officials to tell you not to eat too many sweets, and M&M's certainly feed your sugar habit. But Mars, the maker of M&M's, has actually come out against eating an excessive amount of their own product—unusual for a candy company, to say the least. "Supporting global public health efforts to limit society's consumption of added sugars and labeling our products transparently are steps in the right direction for us and will benefit everyone who enjoys Mars products," the company said in a 2015 statement, encouraging consumers to limit their sugar to 10 percent of their daily diet. "We want people to enjoy Mars brands as part of a well-balanced diet."

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What Do The Ms in M&M's Stand For?

Key Facts In This Video

  1. The "M"s are printed onto M&M's by offset printing with a rubber blanket. 01:27

  2. The Ms in M&M stands for the names of the co-creators of the candy. 02:35

How Do Tootsie Rolls Get Made?

Key Facts In This Video

  1. More than 60 million Tootsie Rolls are made every day. 00:16

  2. The Tootsie Pop was the first soft-centered lollipop. 00:27

  3. The Tootsie Rolls company has reduced the thickness of the hard coating on Tootsie Pops over the years. 00:54

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Written by Curiosity Staff April 4, 2016

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