Moose Antlers Help With Hearing

Moose are well known for their impressive antlers. But what exactly is the purpose of these huge headpieces? A study in the European Journal of Wildlife Research determined that moose antlers (which can measure up to 6 ft (1.8 m) across) boost the moose's hearing by around 19%. The researchers used a moose skull, antlers, and an artificial ear with a microphone inside to test how the antlers affected incoming sounds. They recorded the highest volume of sounds when the ear was facing sideways, directed at the bowl of the antlers.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. A bull moose's antlers can grow at a rate of up to one inch per day. 00:18

  2. A moose's antlers attract mates, fight rivals, and channel sound toward the ears. 00:28

  3. Moose can keep up to 112 pounds (50.8 kg) of plant food in their stomach at one time. 00:58

Written by Curiosity Staff August 11, 2015

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