Mongolian Warrior Princess Khutulun

Mongolian Warrior Princess Khutulun

Marco Polo described the Mongolian princess Khutulun as a superb warrior, and related the way she could ride into enemy ranks and snatch a captive to the way a hawk swoops down to catch prey. Her father wanted to name her as the next khan, but was not allowed because she was a woman.

Badass Chicks in History: Khutulun


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Key Facts In This Video

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    Khutulun was famous for darting into enemy ranks, snatching an enemy off his horse and riding back with her captive. (0:39)

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    Khutulun insisted any men who wished to marry her had to beat her in wrestling or forfeit 100 horses to her. (1:04)

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    Her father wanted to name Khutulun the next khan in the 13th century, but was not allowed because she was a woman. (1:39)

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